Redding Distributing Company 

As one of Northern California’s most distinguished distributors, Redding Distributing goes beyond delivering beer. It is our mission to not only grow our business, but to increase profits for every retailer and supplier we partner with. Together with our partners, Redding Distributing has had a critical role in building some of the world’s finest beverages. We have done so with focus on superior service, excellent in-store execution of displays, shelf management, and product marketing, as well as professional insight and advanced in store merchandising. Our reach extends beyond our warehouse and retail establishments into our community through local sponsorships and charitable donations. We do not just deliver beer. We create opportunities and generate profitable returns for our employees, customers, wholesalers, and community year after year.



Redding Distributing Company is owned and managed by the Jensen family. Dave Jensen went from working his way up the ladder sweeping warehouse floors at Harlambos Distributing in Los Angeles to owning his own distributorship in Redding. Dave and Hope Jensen own Redding Distributing, while their son Chase runs the family business. Redding Distributing has experienced 31 years of consecutive growth since its formation in 1988. Since Dave moved to Redding in 1979 the business has grown from 10 employees with annual sales of 400,000 cases to the premier beverage company in the north state with nearly 100 employees and approximately 2 million cases sold annually. Redding Distributing proudly represents a diverse portfolio of leading international, domestic, & local beer companies as well as wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages.



I. Provide profits and perpetual growth for our employees, customers, suppliers, & community. 

II. Be a business that outsider’s envy working for.

III. Cultivate company culture where employees feel like family and   treat our business as their own.

IV.  Be the hands and feet for our brands and tell their stories.

V. Be our customer’s favorite distributor partner.

VI. Dominate our marketplace with integrity.



Redding Distributing Company strongly believes in giving back to the community that has allowed our business to be successful. We maintain strong commitments to numerous local organizations and charities in our area of distribution. Our reach also extends into the community through charitable donations for fairs, festivals, golf tournaments, car shows, concerts, local schools, churches, and special events. 

Some of the groups we’ve supported include: 

  • St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

  • Catalyst Young Professionals

  • Turtle Bay Exploration Park

  • American Cancer Society

  • Shasta Women's Refuge

  • CHP 11-99 Foundation

  • Numerous other local charities, schools, events, and organizations